I have always been a planner: of gatherings, of projects, of my future, etc.

From tea parties at the bottom of the pool, to birthday parties for the young and young-at-heart, to every life-cycle event you can imagine, I love any excuse to have a get together and will help you plan yours. 


When I moved to NYC to go to law school there were SO many events to attend + programs to do + shows to see and I wanted to do all the things! So, rather than email all my girlfriends 100 times a day, I started a blog because that’s what you did in the early 2000s. Turns out, not only my mom read it! Someone in Minnesota wanted to come to NYC with her daughter and go on my “Cupcake Tour!” 


Now I knew: people wanted to know where to go, and what to do…from ME!

I love being an event planning resource for friends + clients. “What’s that new restaurant on the LES?” “Where can I order a bachelorette party cake?” And “Which cafe has the best hot chocolate?” And now that I’m in NJ with kids, the questions have become, “Who is the cake pop lady?” “What are the best kids-party favors” and “Where should I go for my next GNO?”

I can answer all of them, and if I don't know, I'll find you the answer. Even though I'm a lawyer, I know I don't know everything all the time! After law school I took an event planning class through The New School in NYC. I’m sure my parents were thrilled. Turns out I didn’t yet care how much ice you need for an outdoor party for 75. So I tabled that and planned major events + fundraisers for my community. All aspects of my community. 


I've been Co-Chair of Holocaust Remembrance Week at Brandeis University, Chair of the Law Student Perspectives Committee at the NYCBar Association, Co-Chair of the Early Childhood Parent’s Committee, B.I.G. Special Events Coordinator, a member of Westfield Living Magazine's Events Team, a Mom, and more. And, in all of those roles I planned or plan events. Huge, 1000s-of-people campus-wide events and small private events for 3 girlfriends to get an exclusive peek at a new store opening.  

There continue to be so many things to do and locations to scout. Bringing people together to celebrate, eat, drink, and enjoy their community is what I love to do! 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. We will brainstorm. I’ll be the control freak to your chill go-with-the-flow self or I will share my ideas + resources and you execute your way! 


I truly believe that there is nothing a great goodie bag won’t fix and that's why I only plan parties I want to go to. 

P.S. Yes, those are JELLO SHOTS! 
Photo credit to Rachel Toporek...love her! 
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